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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - SOCOM- US Navy Seals

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SOCOM- US Navy Seals Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    SOCOM: US Navy Seals

    Special Headset Commands
    Say these commands into the headset during gameplay to trigger the corresponding team actions:

    "Bravo defuse bomb": Put your crosshairs on the bomb and say this to... you guessed it... defuse the bomb.
    "Bravo open door": Same idea. Point crosshairs at door and speak.
    "Breech, bang, clear": Point your crosshairs into an open room and your team will throw grenades inside.
    "Hands up, get down": Sneak up behind an enemy and yell this, and guess what?
    "Team low profile": Your crew will go into stealth mode.

    Unlock Level Select
    Beat the game on Lieutenant JG difficulty to unlock level select.

    Unlock New Difficulties
    Unlock the following difficulties by completing the corresponding tasks:
    Lieutenant JG: Beat game on Ensign difficulty
    Lieutenant: Beat game on Lieutenant JG difficulty
    Lieutenant Commander: Beat game on Lieutenant difficulty
    Commander: Beat game on Lieutenant Commander difficulty
    Captain: Beat game on Commander difficulty
    Rear Admiral: Beat game on Captain difficulty
    Admiral: Beat game on Rear Admiral difficulty

    Terrorist weapons
    Successfully complete the game with a rank of ''Ensign'' to unlock terrorist weapons in the armory in single player mode.

    Make Mags. Last Longer
    Press R3 anytime during gameplay and your ammo will fill up. You must not let your ammo reach zero or the cheat won't work. Just fire a few shots and reload. It works through the whole game!

    Unlimited Ammo [Submitted by: Trevor Kober & Dane Mack]
    Hold down L1 and L2. Then, press Triangle, Circle, R2, R1, Select.

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Bonus Level
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Bonus Round Go to Stage 6. In the first room, pass the stairs and go near where the rabbit, crown and locked door are. Go through the locked door and you will get to play a round of pool.
Fight Bosses
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