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Street Fighter EX3 Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Street Fighter EX3

    Extra Characters Cheat :
    To get the following extra characters, you have to beat original mode the following times with any character without using continues. A new character will appear after each completion.

    Sagat - Once
    Vega - Twice
    Garuda - Three times
    Shadow Geist - Four times
    Kairi - Five times
    Pullum - Six times
    Area - Seven times
    Darun - Eight times
    Vulcano - Nine times

    M Bison 2 : [Submitted by: Perfectopnoy]
    Beat original mode with M Bison eight times, then go to the character select screen, highlight M Bison, press select and Cross.

    Evil Ryu: [Submitted by:]
    Defeat the game 8x with Ryu. After that to select Evil Ryu, highlight Ryu and Hold Select, and press X, triangle, and Square.

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