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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - Street Hoops

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Street Hoops Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Street Hoops

    Perfect Shooting
    To turn on perfect field goals, go to the Cheats menu and enter this code: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, R1, R2.

    Unlock DJ Mugz, Cypress Hill, Bobo
    To unlock these quality ballers, beat tournament mode on "Greatest of All Time" difficulty.

    Unlock Half Man-Half Amazing
    To unlock Half Man-Half Amazing, beat the Urban Hitmen in world tournament mode.

    Make Time Fly
    To make the clock speed up, go to the Cheats menu and enter this code: CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1, L2.

    Unlock Lil' Romeo and Master P
    To unlock Lil' Romeo and Master P, go to the Foot Action store and buy a lot of gear. Once you've spent a couple of grand, the pair will be waiting for you outside of the store.

    Unlock New Balls
    To unlock different balls, go to the Cheats menu and enter the corresponding button commands:
    Black: R2, R2, CIRCLE, L2
    Normal: R1, SQUARE, SQUARE, L1

    Unlock New Uniforms
    To unlock the new uniforms listed below, go to the Cheat menu and input the corresponding button commands:
    Cowboy: CIRCLE, R2, R2, R1
    Pimp: R1, SQUARE, CIRCLE, L2
    Santa: R2, L2, R2, L2
    Tuxedo: L2, L2, CIRCLE, SQUARE

    Unlock Xzibit
    To unlock Xzibit, win the Lord of the Court challenge at Venice Beach.

    Get 1 million dollars [Submitted by: boo]
    At the cheats screen, press R1,L2,R2,L2

    Get 5 million dollars [Submitted by: dj]
    At the cheats screen, press Circle, L2, L2, R2, R2, R1, Square.

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Change To Motarro
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