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WWF Smackdown 3 Just Bring It Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    WWF Smackdown 3 Just Bring It

    Unlock Fred Durst
    Beat over 15 opponents in one game in the Slobberknocker mode with the Undertaker.

    alt. strategy on how to unlock fred durst

    With the undertaker in slobber knocker when an opponent enters the ring run and clothesline the guy then pick him up and press down and circle then you will do the tombstone. This will either knock the guy out to pin him or he will be weak enough to pin and make him elimanated.

    undertaker to come out on a bike with Fred Durst
    Go to slobber knocker with the undertaker and defeat 15 people then exit.
    after that go to tag match and chose undertaker and Fred Durst and they will be on a bike

    Unlock Stephanie McMahon
    To unlock the Billion Dollar Princess, open all the secret cards and win the title match.

    Unlock Spike Dudley
    You will unlock Spike Dudley when you meet him in the story mode, when searching for a partner in your six-man tag match. He will be in one of the changing rooms, and will be unlocked if you help him out against the Dudley Boys.

    Unlock Jerry Lynn
    You will unlock Jerry Lynn when you meet him in the story mode.

    Unlock Tajiri
    You will unlock Tajiri when you meet him in the story mode, and defeat him.

    Unlock Rhyno
    You will unlock Rhyno when you meet him in the story mode. To do this, on Smackdown stay backstage when a wrestler calls you out, and after speaking to Michael Cole, talk to Earl Hebner in the lobby. Say you are going after the Hardcore title, and when beat Rhyno.

    Unlock Mick Foley and Shane
    With Stone Cold Steve Austin as the champion, in story mode play as the Rock and win both the single matches until Wrestlemania, and then lose to Austin in the Last Man Standing match. Foley will then come out and book a Hell in a Cell rematch, which you must then win.

    New SmackDown! arena
    Eliminate 17 Superstars in the Slobber Knocker mode with The Rock.

    Unlock Special Matches
    To unlock the Special Matches marked as ?????, in story mode on Smackdown accept the challenge of whoever propositions you, and chose whichever match it is you want to unlock, out of Last Man Standing, Street Fight and Ultimate Submission.

    How to Challenge for Belts:
    Follow these events in order:

    Heavyweight Title
    Choose a male wrestler, turn down Tag title offer, Talk trash, Say you want to kick his ass to Michael Cole, Ask Vince for match, Win, Appear on Stage, any match, win.

    Intercontinental Title
    Choose a man, Do anything on Raw is War as long as you win, Stay Backstage, Talk to Earl Hebner, Ask Earl how he is, accept offer from Regal.

    European Title
    Choose a male wrestler, turn down Tag title offer, Talk trash, Say you were just messing with him, go to Regal's office, Accept offer.

    Choose a light-heavyweight male, Choose a male wrestler, turn down Tag title offer, Talk trash, Say you were just messing with him, go to Regal's office, Turn down offer for European, Win, Stay Backstage, Talk to Earl Hebner, Ask Earl how he is, Request Light-Heavyweight title match.

    Tag Team
    Accept Vince's Tag Team offer, Find partner, Win, Find six-man tag partner after saying you trust your partner, win.

    Women's: Choose a woman and follow Heavyweight title route.

    Unknown Wrestlers movelist
    1 NCDP - Diamond Dallas Page
    2 NCBT - Booker T
    3 EMA - Mike Awesome
    4 ERV - Rob Van Dam
    5 ELS - Lance Storm
    6 NCSO - Sean O'Haire
    7 NCBK - Billy Kidman
    8 NCHH - Hurricane Helms
    9 WGM - Grandmaster Sexay
    10 WS2 - Scotty 2 Hottie
    11 WXP - X-Pac
    12 EJC - Justin Credible
    13 WAS - Al Snow
    14 WVV - Val Venis
    15 WGF - Godfather/Goodfather
    16 WTM - Taka
    17 WFU - Funaki
    18 WDB - D'Lo Brown
    19 WKK - K-Kwick
    20 WER - Essa Rios
    21 WBM - Big Bossman
    22 WGG - Gangrel
    23 ZAG - Andre The Giant
    24 WSM - Shawn Michaels
    25 ZSS - Sgt. Slaughter
    26 ZBB - Bob Backlund
    27 WRD - Road Dogg
    28 CRF - Ric Flair
    29 CKN - Kevin Nash
    30 CSH - Scott Hall
    31 CBG - Goldberg
    32 CST - Sting
    33 CHH - Hulk Hogan
    34 CJJ - Jeff Jarrett
    35 CSS - Scott Steiner
    36 JIDA
    37 JIDB
    38 MEX - A Generic Luchadore
    39 NJMC - Masahiro Chono
    40 ZOSH - Shinya Hashimoto
    41 NJKS - Kensuke Sasaki
    42 NJHT - Hiroyoshi Tenzan
    43 NJKM - Keiji Mutoh
    44 NJMN - Manabu Nakanishi
    45 NJYN - Yuji Nagata
    46 NJJL - Jyushin Thunder Lyger
    47 MGS - Great Susake
    48 NJKK - Kendo Ka Shin
    49 NOVD - Vader
    50 NOMM - Mitsuharu Misawa
    51 NOKK - Kenta Kobashi
    52 NOJA - Jun Akimaya
    53 AJTK - Toshiaki Kawada
    54 AJGT - Genichiro Tenryu
    55 JAO - Atsushi Onita
    57 PNO - Naoya Ogawa
    58 PAT - Akira Taue
    59 PGP - Giant Shohei Baba????
    60 LKS - Ken Shamrock
    61 DLTF - Terry Funk
    62 CHKF - Generic Kung Fu

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