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Spiderman- The Movie XBox Cheat Codes

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    Spiderman: The Movie

    Enter the following codes at the Specials menu:

    ARACHNID - All standard levels, FMV and gallery options
    IMIARMAS - Level Select
    ROMITAS - Level Skip
    HEADEXPLODY - Bonus training levels
    ORGANICWEBBING - Infinite webbing
    KOALA - All fighting controls
    GIRLNEXTDOOR - Play as Mary Jane
    HERMANSCHULTZ - Play as The Shocker
    SERUM - Play as a scientist
    REALHERO - Play as a police officer
    CAPTAINSTACEY - Play as Captain Stacey (helicopter pilot)
    KNUCKLES - Play as thug model 1
    STICKYRICE - Play as thug model 2
    THUGSRUS - Play as thug model 3
    DODGETHIS - Matrix-style attacks
    FREAKOUT - Goblin style costume
    SPIDERBYTE - Small Spider-Man
    GOESTOYOURHEAD - Big head and feet for Spider-Man
    JOELSPEANUTS - Enemies have big heads
    UNDERTHEMASK - First person view
    CHILLOUT - Super coolant

    Pin head bowling mini-game - Get 10,000 points during game play.
    Vulture FMV sequence - Get 20,000 points during game play.
    Shocker FMV sequence - Get 30,000 points during game play.
    Green Goblin FMV sequence - Beat the game on hero or higher difficulty.
    Play as Alex Ross - Beat the game on normal or high difficulty.

    Play as the Green Goblin
    Beat the game on hero or super hero difficulty to get the green goblin costume in the specials menu. Select that option to play as Harry Osborn in the green goblin costume with his weapons in a alternative story line where he tries to correct the Osborn family reputation. Start a new game on hero difficulty then quit to the main menu. Enable "ARACHNID" code, then go to the level warp option. Choose "Conclusion", then exit. The Green Goblin costume option will be unlocked in the specials menu.

    Alternate Green Goblin costume
    If you are using the Alex Ross Spider-Man, play any level with the Green Goblin in it and he will have an alternate costume that resembles his classic costume more. Note: This will only work when you are in the Alex Ross costume and the Green Goblin alternate costume will not be in the very last in-game intermission sequence.

    Play as Peter Parker
    Beat the game on easy or higher difficulty.

    Play as a wrestler
    Beat the game on easy or higher difficulty.

    Hang on to Green Goblin's glider
    In any fight against the Green Goblin, you can hang on to his glider just as in the opening FMV sequence. While swinging or on foot, you can either target his glider and press Web Zip or face him and do it manually. This will allow you to hang on to his glider while he flies around. This is difficult and risky at first.

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Turbo Start
At the starting line hold A and B. Just as the announcer says GO let go of the B button only for a turbo start.
Get The China Town Jam Track
In Grand Prix mode with the Expert difficulty get first place on each course, and you will have the China Town Jam Track.
Get The Neo Speed Way Track
In Grand Prix mode with the Intermediate difficulty get first place on each course, and you will have the Neo Speed Way Track.
Drive With The N64 Controller Cheat
In Time Attack mode get a race time that ends in .064 seconds.
Get The Dominator
Defeat the game in first place in the Expert difficulty using the Black Lighting.
Get The Prowler
Defeat the game in first place in the Expert difficulty using the Hornet.
Get The Reaper
Defeat the game in first place in the Expert difficulty using the Shredder.
Get The Vengeance
Defeat the game in first place in the Expert difficulty using the Avenger.
Get All Tracks And All Vehicles Without Earning Them Cheat
First hook up two controllers. Press Start on controller 1 until you see the screen that says 'Push Start' then on controller 2 press Up on the + Pad (not control stick), Down C, R, L, and Z all at once. Then let go of all buttons and immediately press Start or the A button on controller 1 to enter the Grand Prix mode. Then you should have every track and vehicle.
Turbo Boost While Racing Cheat While holding down the A button make a hard left or a hard right holding the Z button, then let go of both the A and Z buttons right after you let go start tapping the A button and you will get a turbo boost. It may take while to get the hang of it.

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